The Spiritual Exercises
(a Retreat made in Daily Life)‎


How Are The Spiritual
Exercises Offered?

In the Vancouver area, the Jesuit Spirituality Apostolate of Vancouver offers the Spiritual ‎Exercises in the “Daily Life” adaptation (as opposed to normal 30 or
40 day intensive retreat ‎format at a Retreat House).‎
The “Daily Life” format is the adaptation made by St. Ignatius to allow one to pray the Retreat ‎whilst still continuing one’s normal life (family, work, etc.) ‎


In this format, a person prays for one hour a day (often at home) as instructed by the retreat ‎director.  Then one meets once weekly with the retreat director to discuss and discern the ‎presence and action of God in the past week’s prayer.  It also involves attending instructional ‎lectures about prayer methodology and content.‎


The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life Retreat has two essential parts.‎

Part 1: (May – mid-June) A Retreat Practicum for learning the Prayer necessary for this Retreat (the ‎successful completion of which is a necessary requisite for Part 2). 

(Part 1 also includes an ‎evening lecture every week)‎

Part 2: (October – April) The Spiritual Exercises proper. 

(Part 2 includes an evening lecture every ‎month)‎